LIP-7003Welcome to my home on the internet featuring my favorite form of photography, photographing woman in all shapes and sizes and in various stages of dress, from the scantily clad to the erotic nude.

What is it for you? Glamor , nude,  fine art photography, a fetish, erotic art, boudoir photo or something else?  For me it is a sensuous portrait, a sensual intimate moment, a beautiful woman captured by my camera… My passion is creating that one of a kind image of a woman that is brave enough to push the envelope on her boundaries of comfort. From the sexy boudoir to the erotic images, if she has the courage to push her comfort zone I want her to model for me. Her size and shape does not matter, as long has she has the desire and confidence to show the world that she is sexy and erotic.

I am a central Massachusetts based photographer and all my work is photographed on location, either at hotel, the models home, or any location that we can find that will work for what we are trying to accomplish.

Model/Customer information

  1. If the work is just for the models own use and I do not have the right to use the work on my web site then the model is responsible for all expensive and will be responsible for a session fee.
  2. If the work is to be jointly owned by the model and myself, then all expenses will be shared and no session fee will apply.
  3. If I ask you to model,  and I retain full control of the images ( model will always receive copies of the finished images), then I am responsible for all expenses.

If you like my work and are interested in working with me, send a note on my contact page or send me email to info@midnightbluephoto.com.

Jon Tripp